[ECOS] eCos with an ISS

Aldo Dolfi dolfi@nec-labs.com
Fri Mar 14 18:46:00 GMT 2003

The idea is to provide support for simulating the interaction of a 
number of functional modules, some of which will be synthesized and 
provided as hardware, others as software tasks.
So I need multitasking but probably not preemption, as every software 
task is waiting for an event (probably implemented with a message 
queue), then reacting to it, then going to wait again.
So the aim is to show that these modules talk with one another and 
produce some result in a memory location.

Do I need a 'heartbeat' also in this case? does not the scheduler get 
invoked every time a task calls a wait primitive?

Gary D. Thomas wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 16:42, Aldo Dolfi wrote:
>>I would like to use eCos in a co-simulation environment. This tool 
>>provides an Instruction Set Simulator for NEC v850.
>>I would like to know wich are the basic requirements to be able to run 
>>eCos, apart from the processor and some memory.
>>I saw that the only target for v850 is the ceb_v850; I guess I need to 
>>define a different target for my simulation environment, as described in 
>>"ecos porting guide - HAL Platform Porting Process"; is this right?
>>At least for the beginning, I would not need gdb or printf support (I 
>>can use the tool's debugger).
>>Is it possible to disable all support to gdb and stdio?
>>Can I avoid implementing a serial driver? I am not simulating any serial hw.
>>Any comments and pointers to other documentation are welcome.
>I guess it all depends on what you want your simulated eCos
>environment to "do".  If you want to show eCos running on this
>"hardware", then it makes sense to run the standard eCos tests.
>Most of these will have some [minimal] hardware requirements in
>addition to just a processor and some memory.
>If you want to run anything utilizing multiple threads, you'll need 
>an interrupt controller/subsystem and a timer capable of generating
>constant "ticks" (a heartbeat), used by the scheduler.
>I'd also suggest some sort of output device, even if it's only
>a simulated bucket that just goes to RAM.

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