[ECOS] multi-ice-gdb-server

Paul M. Øverby paul.magnar.overby@spagat.no
Fri Mar 14 13:28:00 GMT 2003


Trying to build the multi-ice-gdb-server according to the guide at
Having some problems following the instructions though. The directory
structure is specified so messy! And I am using linux not cygwin...

So far I have the source of gdb/insight at:
The source of the multi-ice-gdb-server
(ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/ecos/multi-ice-gdb.tar.gz) is unpacked at:
The RDI distribution is located at:
The multi-ice server dll is located at:
And my build dir is:

I have configured the insight/gdb as specified into the build dir. Then I
did make as specified, and the result went to /usr/local/bin

The next step is according to the guide to build the multi-ice-gdb-server.
First it says go to my build dir "gdb/multi-ice", while the build dir
specified in the guide is /tmp/migdb/build ?!?! So I go to the only
gdb/multi-ice/ dir that I have (namely the source dir of the
multi-ice-gdb-server : /src/gdb/insight-5.3/gdb/multi-ice/)
Then I am thinking - should't this source be configured into my build dir
first, then made !?

Could someone please make this part a bit clearer for me - don't wish to
make any mistakes now... Please give the exact syntax of a possible
configure command (not too stiff with linux yet :)


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