[ECOS] Regarding delays in UDP (ethernet) ISR

Rajan Srivastava rajan@cdotd.ernet.in
Wed Mar 12 05:19:00 GMT 2003

Dear Sir,

We are using eCos for PowerPC cpu.
We are observing that net ethernet (10Mbps)
bandwidth is some 800Kbps.

With default ecos.ecc's settings, our bandwidth was
some 300Kbps.

We tried with more number of BDs for the SCC, more mbuf area, more
cluster area. We even configured more BDs than ecos.ecc's limit. We
increased network thread's priority. And then we arrived at 800Kbps 
only. We observe that ethernet controller (in our
case it's PowerPC's SCC) delivers packet to eCos, but
eCos is not delivering all packets to application.
Some UDP packets are just lost. We don't have any ethernet collisions.

Can you tell what could be troubling?

We are using eCos 1.3, can newer version help us?

Thanks & regards
Rajan Srivastava
Co-ordinating Engineer (VMS/UMS)
Room No: 926
C-DOT, New Delhi.
Ph: 24678974 (Direct)
    24677525 Extn-226

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