[ECOS] read from user port

Katerina Malatara malatara@hotmail.com
Tue Mar 11 00:40:00 GMT 2003

i work with a e7t board and i try to read from user port. I have connect the 
user port with com2 of my PC.
The PC read some data from a file store them in a buffer and then it send 
them  through serial port to the board. The board must receive the data and 
response by sending some other data.

I use baudrate 38400.

The PC use this function in a loop in order to send all the data in the 
void outbyte(int fd, char c)
	int n;

	n = write(fd, &c, 1);
	if (n < 1) {
		printf("Error %d: Can't write to serial port\n",n);

And board use the function
char inbyte(cyg_io_handle_t handle)
	char temp[1];
	Cyg_ErrNo n;
	cyg_uint32 len = 1;

	n = cyg_io_read(handle, temp, &len);
	if(n != ENOERR) {
		diag_printf("Error %d: Can't write to serial port\n",n);
	return (temp[0]);

but receive only the last character.

I can't understand where is the problem.

Please help me.

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