[ECOS] MPC8260 fec, dpram, immr

Gary D. Thomas gary.thomas@mind.be
Wed Mar 5 05:50:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 21:20, Water He wrote:
> I notice that QUICC2 FEC driver(...\packages\devs\eth\powerpc\quicc2\current\src\if_fec.c) has been updated. But there is another question: FEC should use DPRAM as its rx/tx BD. (see MPC8260UM.pdf, chapter 28.6)
> Suggestions:
> There should be a common function to allocate DPRAM.
> There should be a macro or function to get IMMR address. Using 0x0470XXXX anywhere is not a good idea.

Indeed.  Remember that this is a contributed port and can
certainly use some work (like these areas, to mention a few).

We have already done both of these improvements for the
MPC8xx (QUICC) in general.  It now should be done for 
the MPX82xx (QUICC2)

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