[ECOS] trying to build eCos...

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Tue Mar 4 15:23:00 GMT 2003

Paul M. Øverby wrote:
> yeah, been across it acouple of times - but until recently I did not
> understand that gcc and arm-elf-gcc was built from the same source.

Ah, oh well :).

> But the very "building" part is just a new problem! So I have been looking
> for executables of this version already built as arm-elf-gcc, only to
> realize that I'll never find it...
> So, back to building it (something that will probably generate just as many
> problems as trying to build the eCos lib - wich is my original problem!).
> First issue - I'm supposed to point the envir variable CC to my gcc.exe. But
> I don't have a gcc, that is what I am trying to build in the first case
> right ?! I REALLY don't get this....

You don't need to. The safest option all round is to follow 
http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/install-windows.html and do the 
"downloading and installing the development tools". For arm-elf certainly 
2.95 will do.

Alternatively if you're prepared to wait till later this week or next week 
  the eCos 2.0 beta will be out and will come with prebuilt toolchains. 
We're in the final stages of beta release candidate testing now. 
<commercial plug>And you can preorder a CDROM version from 
http://www.ecoscentric.com/ which will save download time and make things 
slightly easier to use</commercial plug>. It's the same stuff as 
publically released though so if you have a fat link you may not need to.

> It says cygwin is supposed to come with a gcc.exe version, but ofcourse it
> doesn't...

It's not included by default. Run setup.exe again and find it in the 
package list.

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