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> yeah, been across it acouple of times - but until recently I did not
> understand that gcc and arm-elf-gcc was built from the same source.
> But the very "building" part is just a new problem! So I have been looking
> for executables of this version already built as arm-elf-gcc, only to
> realize that I'll never find it...
> So, back to building it (something that will probably generate just as many
> problems as trying to build the eCos lib - wich is my original problem!).
> First issue - I'm supposed to point the envir variable CC to my gcc.exe. But
> I don't have a gcc, that is what I am trying to build in the first case
> right ?! I REALLY don't get this....
> It says cygwin is supposed to come with a gcc.exe version, but ofcourse it
> doesn't...
> So, what to do ?
> Paul

Cygwin doesn't install all the stuff you need by default.



For the extra packages required.


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