[ECOS] trying to build eCos...

Paul M. Øverby paul.magnar.overby@spagat.no
Mon Mar 3 13:32:00 GMT 2003


I'm not familiar with this kind of mailing list, so please let me know if I
am doing something wrong.

Anyway, I am having some trouble building eCos under windows. After alot of
trouble I have now installed gnude (with arm-elf-gcc 3.1). I have installed
Cygwin seperatly (GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(8)-release). I have the 1.3.net
version of the eCos windows config util. And I have the latest snapshot of
the eCos cvs repository. Everything running under win2k.
Trying to build the eCos lib with default settings now gets me as far as
about 25% before I get the error:

t/fgetc.cxx:129: `
   int getc(CYG_ADDRESS (*)[9999])' defined both normally and as an alias
t/fgetc.cxx:129: weak
   declaration of `int getc(CYG_ADDRESS (*)[9999])' must precede definition
make[1]: *** [src/input/fgetc.o.d] Error 1

This is commented earlier in this mailing-list, with the sollution: update
gcc to version 3.2.1+ but I cannot find this arm-elf-gcc version !?

Please help!


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