[ECOS] Ping problem with eCos v1.3.1

Prabal Halder prabalhalder@yahoo.co.in
Fri Jan 31 11:04:00 GMT 2003


          I have problem while using your eCos. The
version we are using is 1.3.1.

    The problem is with the ping.

    Its assume the IP address of the board where the
executable compiled from eCos runs is .
Lets the is a PC whose IP address .

  When I give the command

   $ ping 192,168.3.121

  from the PC, it happens many times that it is not
getting any response from

   But when I reset the board ( IP once
or twice, the PC starts getting response from the
board( where the eCos compiles executable runs).

   Please tell me what is the problem? 

  Waiting for your response.


Prabal Halder


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