[ECOS] sigwait not returning

N.Suresh nsuresh@cdotb.ernet.in
Thu Jan 30 17:46:00 GMT 2003

    We tried delivering the signal to a sigwait () call:
        *) Using alarm () function --- Working.
        *) pthread_kill () function ---  Working.

    It looks like only in the case of timer_create () case, the sigwait 
is not returning.

    We traced the call and found that in the following piece of code, 
signal_sigwait condition variable's queue is empty.
    So it is not calling the broadcast method which will wake the 
sigwait thread.
    It is releasing the thread, and in next POSIX_ASR call, the 
cyg_deliver_signals function is calling  _exit because there
     is no signal handler registered for this thread.
     All these functions are getting called only if i unmask the signal 
in the thread before calling the sigwait.
     Otherwise the check in the alarm_action function whether thread is 
accepting this signal will fail.
    Are we on the right path of debugging?


<cut signal.cxx>

     sigaddset( &sig_pending, signo );

        // Wake up any threads in sigsuspend() and sigwait().

        if (!signal_sigwait.get_queue()->empty())






            cyg_posix_pthread_release_thread( &sig_pending );


</cut signal.cxx>


N.Suresh wrote:

>> Try this instead:
>>     pthread_sigmask (SIG_BLOCK, &set, (sigset_t*)NULL);
> I had tried this before. It didn't work.
> So i tried to unblock all the signals in the thread itself.
> If i don't do this, in alarm_action () function, the check whether any 
> thread is waiting for the signal is failing and
> it is simply returning.
> regards

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