[ECOS] memory maps

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Thu Jan 30 06:10:00 GMT 2003

Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> Yep,
> I was thinking of making a simple perl script to do it. Thats quite simple
> for the .h file but not so simple for the .ldi file.

If we can get the config tool v2 to build under cygwin (which we nearly 
can, but haven't yet :-( ) it will make it a lot easier to do this 
directly into the v2 tool, and maybe even to use that same code in a 
command line tool.

But ultimately it needs a bigger overhaul so that, for example, the 
various properties are exported into CDL too and can be used there.

> Also i noticed there are some things impossible to do with the configuration
> tool.
> In particular one cannot place a not relocated section just after the
> initial place of  a relocated section.  If you try to do it, it will always
> place itself after the final place of the relocated section. (That can be
> usefull if you want to add a file at the end of your rom image and access
> the file using a user defined section name...)

There are a number of unnecessary restrictions in the code that "just" 
need to be fixed. It's open source so... :-).

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