[ECOS] how does the ctrlc happen when the serial port interrupt(ARM). Thanks

Qiang Huang jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Jan 29 16:13:00 GMT 2003

Hi all:
   As far as I know ctrlc is normally support in the by first calling the
"hal_default_isr()" function, but when the "cyg_drv_interrupt_attach()" in
the serial device driver will overwrite the "hal_interrupt_handlers" in
vectors.S. so when install the interrupt handler by
"cyg_drv_interrupt_attach()" for the serial port "hal_default_isr()" will be
replaced by the ISR installed, how and where will be the place to examine
the "0x03" for ctrlc support? Thanks a lot.

Is the following calling path correct? Thanks
(ARM target)

IRQ happens -->
(1). if the interrupt in the hal_interrupt_handlers table entry not get
replaced by calling cyg_xxx_attach() then default as:
hal_default_isr() --> hal_ctrlc_isr( ) --> cyg_hal_plf_serial_isr( ) -->
cyg_hal_user_break( )  this will look for the ctrlc.

(2) if the hal_interrupt_handlers table entry has been replaced by
previously calling cyg_xxx_attach( ) then the calling path will be:
the ISR() of the interrupt when -->

so how is ctrlc supported in  (2)? Thanks a lot

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