[ECOS] Atmel AT91FR4081 and TCP/IP

Jani Monoses jani@iv.ro
Fri Jan 24 09:10:00 GMT 2003

The lwip stack (depending on how you configure it of course) can use as little
as 50-60K of code (ROM) and about the same amount of RAM.So it should fit in those 128K 
of RAM along with a small app.That chips has 1M of flash right?So your app code can be larger.
The link is http://humans.iv.ro/jani but I didn't update the package for a while.
I might do that soon.

> At 10:28 24.1.2003, Jani Monoses wrote:
> >Yes it should work.If you mean the FR4081 by itself w/o external RAM
> >you might want to try out the lwip stack for ecos.I think this setup only 
> >has 128K
> >We have such a setup running and works just fine with the Atmel chip and a 
> >CS89000.
> Thanks Jani!
> A couple of things to clarify: there seems to be something missing in your 
> reply. The lwip stack requires 128K RAM, is that what you meant? So I could 
> get it running using the 8K internal RAM for my own variables and letting 
> the stack use the extended RAM. Slower execution from FLASH won't disturb 
> anything, will it?
> If you could give me a link to the lwip, I'd be most grateful. Or I can try 
> to dig it up myself. Thanks for your help!
>          Harri

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