[ECOS] typos in quicc2_scc_serial.h

Christoph Csebits christoph.csebits@frequentis.com
Fri Jan 24 08:32:00 GMT 2003


for the sake of completeness

in devs/serial/powerpc/quicc2/current/src/quicc2_scc_serial.h:

#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC1_CLR      0x00ffffff
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC1_BRG1     0x00000000
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC1_BRG2     0x09000000;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC1_BRG3     0x12000000;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC1_BRG4     0x1b000000;

#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC2_CLR      0xff00ffff;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC2_BRG1     0x00000000;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC2_BRG2     0x00090000;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC2_BRG3     0x00120000;
#define QUICC2_CMX_SCC2_BRG4     0x001b0000;

if using some other combination than SCC1+BRG1
a syntax error will be generated.

(i think removing the semicolons by hand
is much less work, than generating a patch)

regards, christoph

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