[ECOS] Question about the ARM vector.S?

Qiang Huang jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Jan 23 11:10:00 GMT 2003

Hi all:
    while installing the vector table use the table to store the VSR address

        ldr     pc,.reset_vector                // 0x00
        ldr     pc,.undefined_instruction       // 0x04
        ldr     pc,.software_interrupt          // 0x08 start && software
        ldr     pc,.abort_prefetch              // 0x0C
        ldr     pc,.abort_data                  // 0x10
        .word   0                               // unused
        ldr     pc,.IRQ                         // 0x18
        ldr     pc,.FIQ                         // 0x1C
UNMAPPED_PTR(reset_vector)                      // 0x20
PTR(undefined_instruction)                      // 0x24
PTR(software_interrupt)                         // 0x28
PTR(abort_prefetch)                             // 0x2C
PTR(abort_data)                                 // 0x30
        .word   0                               // 0x34
PTR(IRQ)                                        // 0x38
PTR(FIQ)                                        // 0x3c

Can I use the "LDR pc,=reset_vector" ... etc. ARM pseudo-instruction to
replace the "ldr pc,.reset_vector" and eliminate the table for storing the
VSR address? Thanks a lot.

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