[ECOS] On Alarms...

Milind Kopikare milindkopi@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 22 18:35:00 GMT 2003

   A few questions on alarms.
1> Are Alarms like interrupts? If so, what's the
priority? I've been using Alarms and they seem to stop
even the highest of priority tasks. But just curios on
how it's implemented internally. Is there a more
comprehensive doc to read up on this.

2> I was trying to toggle between starting a thread
and suspending it using an Alarm. 
void alarm_func(){
   if (thread is suspended)
But if I keep the Alarm resolution too small, say the
Alarm triggers every 2 ticks (2*10ms), the thread does
not resume. It's as if the scheduler is taking more
than 2 ms to start the thread. Any insight into what's
wrong? Ofcourse, if I give the ALARM resolution as
100ms (10ticks), the thread toggles allright.

3. Can we have more than one periodic Alarm? I mean if
I have two alarms, and both trigger every 100ms, only
the alarm enabled seems to be activated. The first one
dosent seem to work. Any insight?

Thanks in advance,

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