[ECOS] Problem Building Insight-5.2

Rycerz Roman-G11565 roman.rycerz@motorola.com
Tue Jan 21 18:03:00 GMT 2003


	I am currently running tclsh83.exe in cgywin.

	I have tried the fix mentioned below...... It did not fix it... 

	After I looked a little closer it seemed to be gagging on the line
122 in tclwin32.dll.
	It had heartburn on the "static" declaration.

	static Tcl_Encoding tclWinTCharEncoding;

	So I removed the "static" and it all compiled and seems to execute
	I am not sure of the consequences of my "update", or if its going to
cause trouble for me 
	in the future.....

	Thanks for the suggestions


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Here is a link to a fix:

Rycerz Roman-G11565 wrote:

I am trying to build Insight-5.2 and I have a few problems..... Does anyone
have any ideas on what's wrong ????


gcc -mwin32 -c -g -O2 -Wall -Wconversio
-I"/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/../generic" -I"/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win"
-DBUILD_tcl "/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dl
l.c" -o tclWin32Dll.o
In file included from /src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWinPort.h:68,
                 from /src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/generic/tclPort.h:22,
                 from /src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWinInt.h:21,
                 from /src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dll.c:15:
/usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set and
associated macros have been defined in sys/types.  This may cause runtime
problems with W32 sockets"
/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dll.c: In function `DllMain':
/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dll.c:193: warning: unused variable
/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dll.c: In function
/src/gdb/insight-5.2/tcl/win/tclWin32Dll.c:121: static symbol
`tclWinTCharEncoding' is marked dllexport
make[2]: *** [tclWin32Dll.o] Error 1

I would guess this is a mismatch of tcl versions, with the system tcl header

being used (possibly wrongly) but that defining things in a different way to

the tcl in insight 5.2.

What tcl version is installed in cygwin? Try running:


and tell us whether any/all of those work.


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