[ECOS] Difference between Redboot and Ecos

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Mon Jan 20 13:08:00 GMT 2003

Bhaskar Bose <bose@derivation.com> writes:

> How do I get Redboot to boot from the IDE drive rather than the
> floppy?

You cannot, without then not being able to use the drive for anything

There is, however, now a GRUB startup option for eCos. It has been
tested using the version of GRUB that comes with RH 7.1. See the
latest documentation for the x86 target for details.

> When the target comes up with Redboot is that ECOS?

No, that's RedBoot. You need to build eCos separately, for RAM
startup, and then download it via GDB.

> Can eCos be configured so that I get a login prompt?

eCos is not that kind of OS. It's an embedded OS where any user
interface is handled by the application and usually consists of
switches or a keypad and an LCD/LED display. A command prompt would
have no place here.

Nick Garnett - eCos Kernel Architect

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