[ECOS] ecos idle function

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Thu Jan 16 23:03:00 GMT 2003

Milind Kopikare wrote:
> Hi,
>     In eCos, Andrew Lunn's code should work if in idle
> time we shift to the idle_thread_main function in
> thread.cxx. But, whenever the processor is idling, the
> code dosent jump there. For want of other tasks to do,
> the processor hangs.

If the code doesn't jump to the idle thread when nothing else needs doing, 
there is something very wrong.

> i have got around this by
> creating my own idle task function in my code which
> takes over whenever nothing else is going on. but
> would appericiate if someone could fill me in on how
> ecos idle functions can get activated. is there any
> particular variable I would need to define to start
> this idle task?  

The idle thread is just a thread that loops doing nothing. For some HALs 
they define a macro HAL_IDLE_THREAD_ACTION which will be some piece of 
code to run, often to put the processor into some stop or halt state. This 
is true for i386 and v850 at least.

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