[ECOS] ecos idle function

Milind Kopikare milindkopi@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 20:14:00 GMT 2003

   this question has been posted before but I didn't
quite get the answer. 
    In eCos, Andrew Lunn's code should work if in idle
time we shift to the idle_thread_main function in
thread.cxx. But, whenever the processor is idling, the
code dosent jump there. For want of other tasks to do,
the processor hangs. i have got around this by
creating my own idle task function in my code which
takes over whenever nothing else is going on. but
would appericiate if someone could fill me in on how
ecos idle functions can get activated. is there any
particular variable I would need to define to start
this idle task?  

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Andrea Acquaviva wrote:
> For example, if a thread is waiting for a blocking
I/O device to fill the
> input buffer, the driver should put the thread into
idle state until an
> interrupt arrives.
> How can I do this with ecos? When do the scheduler
decide to switch to idle
> thread?

When there are no other runnable threads to switch to.

Drivers most often block by using some kernel
synchronization primitive
like a mutex, condition variable or semaphore.

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