[ECOS] Libc question.

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Wed Jan 15 14:24:00 GMT 2003

Qiang Huang wrote:
> Hi all:
>   In the code: PACKAGES\LANGUAGE\C\LIBC\stdio\current\include\io.inl
> there are two definition for "cyg_stdio_read() " won't they conflict to each
> other? Thanks a lot!

You'll notice they're in sections compiled #ifdef CYGPKG_LIBC_STDIO_FILEIO
and #ifndef CYGPKG_LIBC_STDIO_FILEIO respectively.

[snip 1.]
> this is for FileIO versions of IO function.
> 2. [snip] this if for Direct IO versions of IO function.
> why the first one is required?

In case the configuration is set up to use the fileio layer.

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