[ECOS] Re: Profiling ecos code

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Tue Jan 14 13:43:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 04:52, Milind Kopikare wrote:
> Hi Gary,
>    Got your email from the red hat mailing list. I was wondering if you could
> help me out with some advice/leads. I am working on a ARP processor that runs
> eCos. I am running an application and want to find out which function is using
> the most time  etc. I was thinking of using GPROF but there is no executable
> in case of the arm processor that I can run. I downlaod a compiled image of my
> code into the Arm processor and start the processor. Would you know how I
> could still use Gprof to profile the code? The other option I was looking at
> was to insert some kind of timers inside my functoins which could tell me how
> much time each function was taking. Do you know if such things have been done

Firstly, please ask support questions on the ecos-discuss list (cc'd)
unless you'd like to contract for private assistance.

I don't know anything about an ARP processor - perhaps you meant ARM?

In any case, there is now a simple package within eCos which supports
runtime profiling of user code.  This package can generate a datafile
which is suitable for use by gprof.  The default case is to export this
data via a network connection, for analysis on your development host.

Please refer to the latest documentation for the details.

n.b. In order to use this package, you'd have to write some support 
code in your platform HAL for high precision timers.  This support
is currently only defined for some PowerPC processors.  Also, since
the export of the profile data is via the network, your target would
have to have networking available.

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