Fri Jan 10 18:14:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Can somebody indicate a combination of GNU tools, eCos snapshot and MPC860 HAL
that is known to be working properly together (preferably under cygwin
environment), so I can have a good starting point for my custom HAL (BSP)?

I want to port eCos to a MPC860 custom designed board. As the “HAL Platform
Porting Process” document says
( it
is easier to start from an existing HAL. Unfortunately I was not able to find
a combination of eCos release/snapshot, GNU tools and MPC860 HAL that compiles
OK. The official release (1.3.1) together with the GNU environment recommended
in the documentation (gcc-2.95.2, binutils-2.10.1 + recommended patches) will
compile OK the “fads860 default” target, but not the stubs or any other target
involving the stubs (RebBoot or cygmon). 

I also noticed  a preprocessor problem with gcc-2.95.2: it does not understand
macros that are extending on more than 1 line. Like in this example:

#define MACRO_TEST(a, b){\

This can be an inconvenient if you have to port existing code that uses this
type of macros.

Thanks in advance,

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