redboot for x86 baced PC

Jonathan Larmour
Thu Jan 9 17:46:00 GMT 2003

[ This type of request for help should be on ecos-discuss, not ecos-devel ] wrote:
> Hi list,
> currently i am reading the Redboot user guide. I want to try redboot my PC. I have Redhat Linux 7.1 installed on my PC.
> i tried the installation procedure as expained in user guide. but i failed to get Redboot command when i reboot.
> can anybody help me out.
> The steps i followed
> 1. formatted floppy disk using fdformat "/dev/fd0"
> 2.$ dd conv=sync if=install/bin/redboot.bin of=/dev/fd0H1440
> i have downloaded the x86 redboot binaries from

What _do_ you see then. Does it try and boot? Do you see dots?

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