[ECOS] Re: Help in testing IPv6

matthew de veza imdeveza@hotmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:22:00 GMT 2003

Hi Louis,

We've followed your advise and modified the scripts to allow manual 
rebooting of the target.

If it isn't confidential, may we know your test results or at least some 
statistics on the freebsd-and-ecos-target tests (which tests passed/failed)? 
we've been trying to do the same however only a small percentage of the 
tests pass, a lot of failures occur in tests which involve multicast and 
global addresses, and as you know, a huge bulk of the tests are involved in 
this. Also, is global addressing supported in ECOS?

darth vader wrote:

--- Gary Thomas <gthomas@ecoscentric.com> wrote:

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 07:54, elvie hau wrote:
>Thank you very much for the information.  Since
>TAHI Test Suite seems to be impractical, can you
>suggest an alternative?

There were some IPv6 specific tests written.  Look
at the
net/common/current/tests directory.

I have also tried searching for information regarding the use of TAHI for 
testing IPv6 in a target that uses eCos, but it the information doesn't seem 
to be around. :(

Aside from these IPv6 specific tests, can anybody suggest other means of 
testing eCos's IPv6 support on a target? Perhaps port the IPv4 network tests 
(like ping) to IPv6? Or maybe port the TAHI tests/test apps to eCos? Or are 
these methods impractical?

Comments/suggestions are appreciated. :)
Thank you.


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Testing IPv6 in an eCos target is challenging but not impossible. Some 
modifications to the TAHI testsuite
Perl scripts are required, mostly to pause the test to allow the user to 
manually reboot the target, a requirement
for some tests. With a properly configured host running FreeBSD 4.4 w/ TAHI 
and IPv6 eCos target I was
able to successfully execute a sizeable chunk of the testsuite.

Just be sure to utilize the router thread in eCos, which is a port of the 
FreeBSD rtsold, the router solicitation
daemon, or many tests will fail.

Also be aware that TAHI assumes two PCs running FreeBSD are the host and 
target here, and little is done in
the TAHI scripts to provide otherwise. Assumptions are made AFA target 
infrastructure and many tests will
have to be exempt due to missing functionality on the eCos target.


Louis Hamilton

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