[ECOS] EB40 in cvs?

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Tue Jan 7 21:22:00 GMT 2003

Shannon Holland wrote:
> Me three! While I seem to have things working with the hand patches, I'd 
> feel much better if it was a real release.
> Is there anything I can do to help this along?

Yeah, kick me in the butt. I've promised before, and this time I mean it. 
I have it on my official task list to try to get this into the sources in 
the next couple of weeks. Watch ecos-patches.

As for helping - indeed, once it's all in, we'll need testers! I don't 
have an EB40 after all....

And indeed I may as well say here and now that eCosCentric are moving 
towards getting some sort of 2.0 beta out around the end of January. It 
won't be quite as complete as expected, as we've made our objectives less 
hard to achieve to allow us to get _something_ out in a realistic 
time-scale. The date is, as ever, provisional of course.

Once the beta is out we'll appreciate volunteers a plenty to help with 

And shortly after we'll start work on what we really want: eCos 2.1, for 
which we have many plans.


> On Saturday, January 4, 2003, at 10:01 AM, Greg Holdren wrote:
>> I second that. :)  I would like to do work for the EB55 and with the 
>> addon
>> memory board AT91-MEC
>> but would rather wait until it shows up in the CVS. I dont want to 
>> work with
>> a repository that was patched
>> by hand. I would hope that Thomas's and Tim's change were to be 
>> integrated
>> in the CVS by now based on the
>> popularity of the Atmel based products.
>> Thanks,
>> Greg Holdren
>>> I hate being a pest about this, but is there any general idea
>>> when Thomas' EB40 port will go into CVS?  I want to wait for
>>> his code to go in before I do a final clean-up of the EB40a
>>> port for CVS.

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