[ECOS] Goahead Web Server on i386

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Tue Jan 7 21:16:00 GMT 2003

kjell@techtribe.se wrote:
> The GoAhead comes with its own non-GPL license, which can be found in 
> the "license.txt" file in the top of its source tree (www.goahead.com)
> It's a non-exclusive license (e.g. all IPR is kept by GoAhead), 
> essentially stating that one may freely and without royalties "use, 
> reproduce, modify, copy and distribute" the webserver source code as 
> well as the resulting binaries, provided that any modifications to the 
> webserver sources are distributed along with it. Additionally, one 
> should within 30 days of distribution-start contribute back any source 
> modifications to GoAhead, and one is also restricted not to change the 
> "server identification field" of the first http response message.

Given that licence, it would be good if we could get a GoAhead port, and 
although we can't include it in the main sources, we could distribute it 
on the contribs page.

But ideally that dratted memory leak problem would be fixed.

BTW, don't forget folks: Nick Garnett recently added a simple HTTP server 
to eCos.

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