[ECOS] Possible typo in hal/arm/arm9/var/current/include/hal_cache.h

Patrick Doyle wpd@delcomsys.com
Tue Jan 7 21:00:00 GMT 2003

> > The board this was written for was never released publically,

Watch this space for an announcement real soon about RedBoot running just
such an OMAP5910 board!

> IIRC, Jesper never got the DATA cache working on that platform
> anyway - maybe this is why :-)

> > So I'm inclined to believe it's wrong, and a patch is welcome :-).

> > If you've got the hardware you could play around! At least to verify
> > it's wrong.

Hmmm... that opens up a very interesting question, how would I "verify that
it's wrong"?  I'll have to think about a test case on the drive home tonight
that would verify one cache line size vs. another.

> Indeed, and then please share the results!
But, of course!


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