[ECOS] Re: which 82559 card work for redboot

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Tue Jan 7 05:46:00 GMT 2003

Wang Anthony wrote:
> Hi, Sirs:
>   I have bought a 82559 ethernet card (part # 734938-001)
>   But when I boot up redboot (i386 PC) . It prompt with:
> No network interface found. window 2000 can detect it.
> Is there some certain model of 82559 card I should use?
> And where can I find it?

I don't believe there's any particular one. Are you sure the driver was
included in the redboot you built? Check your configuration.

Also are you using up to date sources? The PCI IDs have changed in the
past and older code may not have the newer IDs.

Indeed one possibility is that another newer ID has come out. In which
case it would be useful to run the pci1 *eCos* test which I believe should
tell you the PCI IDs. You can then edit the 82559 driver to accept those
IDs, or tell us what they are and we'll fix it in CVS.

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