[ECOS] Goahead Web Server on i386

kjell@techtribe.se kjell@techtribe.se
Mon Jan 6 10:23:00 GMT 2003

Hi Andrew,

No, it's not based on the port You did. We wanted to try out the very 
latest release of the OpenSSL, so we grabbed those sources directly from 
the OpenSSL.org website.
We have at this point not integrated the OpenSSL into the eCos 
configuration system at all, but only compiled it up into a library that 
can be linked together with an eCos system at build time (like the 
GoAhead). At the top level, we have then only added a few init calls to 
the OpenSSL library into the demo ecos-mainfile within the GoAhead sources.
Up to this point, the OpenSSL port was actually quite trivial and 
trouble-free. However, with all the provided algorithms compiled up the 
openssl library got quite huge, so I think some more work in the 
configurability area would be useful before any "real" use is made.
Your eCos-config work is likely a good way to go there, so if You or 
anyone else is interested in finishing this into a "real" ecos package, 
we'll be delighted to support that work in some (time-limited) way.

We did dig into the licensing descriptions of the OpenSSL about as deep 
as You did, but when we found that there might be issues with the often 
used MD5 algorithm we didn't bother to include it in the stuff we are 
currently building since it was not actually needed.

IANAL either, so I'd be most happy if someone else with a deeper legal 
understanding (or possibly a more reckless mind ;-) could tell the ecos 
list the proper do's and dont's of the eCos/SSL issues.

Cheers, /Kjell
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Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>As for what goes for the SSL stuff; I'm aware that there are possible 
>>patent and licensing issues for some (many?) of the algorithms provided 
>>in the OpenSSL package. Since we have only wrapped this up for internal 
>>try-outs, we haven't spent much effort into checking those licensing 
>>details in any greater depth.
>>But since the port turned out to be pretty straightforward and the SSL 
>>proved to be working quite well, maybe someone interested in using the 
>>SSL would be willing to dig deeper into its licensing and patent details?
> Is this my OpenSSL port?
> If so, i did a tiny amount if research in this area. I basically read
> that is says in the OpenSSL distribution about which parts of it are
> covered by patents and licenses. I added CDL which made these parts
> optionally compilable and by default disabled.
> This is a start, but the standard IANAL disclaimer applies and you
> should check for yourself.
>        Andrew

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