[ECOS] Goahead Web Server on i386

kjell@techtribe.se kjell@techtribe.se
Sun Jan 5 19:21:00 GMT 2003

Hi Fred,

We have quite recently built and deployed the latest GoAhead webserver 
onto the latest i386 pc eCos platform (using the newer FreeBSD/KAME 
TCPIP stack).
Agreed, the GoAhead sources needed some fixes to work. I think this is 
due to that the GoAhead was ported to eCos quite a long time ago, and 
the eCos port hasn't been maintained in the GoAhead source/build tree.

While there still seems to be a memleak problem in it that we havent had 
time to bother too much about, the GoAhead generally works just great, 
and we have also successfully added SSL support using the OpenSSL stuff.

We are aiming to make our latest eCos + GoAhead stuff electronically 
easily available, but due to high workload this is unfortunately not the 
case at the moment. In the meanwhile however, drop me an email if You're 
interested in our code and I'll send You a tarball of what we have running.

Cheers, /Kjell
Kjell Svensson                 Embedded Technology Manager
Techtribe Solutions AB         Tel:  +46 (0)31 706 06 00
Flöjelbergsgatan 12            GSM:  +46 (0)70 270 76 66
SE-431 37  MÖLNDAL             Mail: kjell@techtribe.se

Fred Woolsey wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone here successfully built Goahead for ecos running on an i386 =
> (ix86) platform?  I've gotten it to compile, but the load process bombs. =
>  And to compile it I had to make 3 or 4 mods to the Goahead source...
> Thanks in advance,
> Fred Woolsey

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