[ECOS] how ecos process sync in tcp/ip stack?

张 亮 johnsonest@hotmail.com
Thu Jan 2 08:59:00 GMT 2003

Dear Gthomas and others,
    1 as we know,ecos use mutex to process  all kinds of sync problems in 
tcp/ip.so all event relate network must be process by a thread(DSR can't do 
this),but I do not know how to define this thread's priority:
    if this priority is too high,other app maybe interfered
    if  too low,network event maybe delayed to be processed

     2ecos mutex do not support nest access to a same mutex(lock many 
    so you use 4 level to differ them,it seem that DSR's only advantage is 
to tell event occured but process nothing further in most cases.so like 
other RTOS's ISR can do this.
DSR seem as a "remedial" way to ecos schedule machanism,not a powerful 
utility like linux's softinterrupt, because DSR in ecos can't be blocked!
   of course,this machanism simplify os kernel design.


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