[ECOS] stability, throughput test of ecos?

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Wed Dec 31 12:25:00 GMT 2003

?? wrote:
> dear all,
> is there any
> stability, throughput test of ecos?
> best regards,

Do you mean stability, throughput tests of ecos apart from the standard 
functionality tests provided with eCos, or do you mean are the standard 
tests run against anoncvs to determine source stability and pass rate 
for these tests in different ecos configurations?

For the former, there is a soak test that is designed to use as much of 
eCos as possible and to run forever producing heartbeats (to monitor 
time drift, loss of resources etc) though I am not sure where in the 
source tree it resides (or if it is public even).  One of the 
maintainers should be able to point you in the right direction.

For the latter, eCosCentric have an eCos test farm that is occasionally 
used to test the public versions of eCos (2.0 and snapshots of anoncvs) 
on a very limited set of targets to determine the stability of anoncvs 
for those targets. The test results are made available to all the eCos 
maintainers leaving it up to them to check and fix any failures. 
However, even though the maintainers do their best not to introduce bugs 
(either directly or via contributions), the nature of anoncvs implies 
there is no guarantee that the snapshot you take will be stable for your 

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This test farm was developed by eCosCentric to produce eCosPro and other 
commercial releases of eCos.  It runs 24x7, automatically building eCos 
and all its tests in 70+ different configurations and executes all the 
tests on actual hardware (where available), with results stored in a 
mysql database with an email and web-front end to alert the eCosCentric 
maintainers of failures.
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-- Alex

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