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CHIP BOLING chip.boling@adtran.com
Tue Dec 30 15:43:00 GMT 2003

If I understand you correctly, you should be able to build your application on top of your library without much pthread awareness in the application.  There are a two things to consider when doing so that I have ran across when working with pthreads on both eCos and Win32 platforms.

If you need to change the priority of a thread, you will need to have some awareness of eCos and it's priority levels in your application.  If you have already ported your application to more than one O/S, then you probably have already ran across this.

The eCos POSIX implementation does not support timeouts on semaphores.  This is easy to work around with a little creativity.  I have a hack for this right now but it is a little ugly (uses periodic nanosleeps) and I hope to look into the actual current eCos semaphore/mutex implementation sometime in the near future to see if their is a cleaner way to do it.  I'm sure there is.

Hope this helps,

	- Chip

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From: Stefano Martini [mailto:martini@sci.univr.it]
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Subject: question about the posix package

Hi. I am in the process of porting to ecos a library using the pthread
paradigm to support multithreaded safeness.
At the end, this lib will be used by an existing ecos application (not
using the posix package).
Assumig to enable the posix package in my ecos build, can an ecos
application (written not for posix) and a lib
on top of posix work toghether?
In other words, should I rewrite the ecos application to also use pthread?

Thanks in advance,

Stefano Martini

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