[ECOS] MPC860 - getchar/scanf issue

nprasad3@gmu.edu nprasad3@gmu.edu
Tue Dec 30 08:16:00 GMT 2003


I am using a confuguration that utilizes the SCC1 for a serial connection and is supposed to be the console and I really need getchar/scanf functionality in my application.

Testing with the following problem, getchar/scanf doesn't seem to work reliably.
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
  char ch;
  printf("Hello, eCos world!\n");
  /*-- input test --*/
    ch = getchar();
    printf("[ch] = %c\n",ch);
  return 0;
Here's the terminal output:

RedBoot> go           
Init device '/dev/ttydiag'                           
Init tty channel: 3                 
Init device '/dev/haldiag'                          
HAL/diag SERIAL init                    
Hello, eCos world!
<waits here>
abcd<cr-lf> (each character requires to be hit about 10-15 times after which it shows up)
[ch] = a
[ch] = b
[ch] = c
[ch] = d
[ch] =
Any ideas on what is wrong and where I need to start looking?


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