[ECOS] redboot RAM version

Eugeny Mints eugeny.mints@auriga.ru
Fri Dec 26 11:22:00 GMT 2003

Hi all!

I'm trying to start up redboot on MBX board. I've successfully stared up
ROM version but failed to start up RAM version with redboot_RAM.ecm
configuration file provided. (I use correct clock, etc.) After redboot
sources (docs, mail list) investigation I have the following questions: 

Does RAM version of redboot rely on ROM redboot version, i.e. is it
necessary to have redboot ROM version (or any other boot monitor) in
flash in order to allow Ram redboot to run? Or I miss something? If I
missed could anybody please send me correct redboot_RAM.ecm,
cdl/hal_mbx.cdl and other essential configuration files  to run
standalone redboot RAM image.


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