[ECOS] Memory map setting?

Eric de Jong list_ericdejong_10@gmx.net
Wed Dec 24 12:14:00 GMT 2003

>> So you have to touch three files by hand: mlt_*.mlt, mlt_*.ldi
>> and mlt_*.h.

Asuming this is also valdid for the 386 (I uses the arm EB40A configuration),
the above files generates a linker file called target.ld which is then used to
do the actually link.
You can find that file in your xxx_INSTALL directory (xxx is your project name,
say redboot_install)
Modifying the target.ld file is easier, as this is a file without macros.

After editing the file, just go to the xxx_BUILD directory and do a 'make'.

Good luck and merry christmas to all,


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