[ECOS] Thread safe in libc file stream

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Fri Dec 19 17:51:00 GMT 2003

"sandeep" <sandeep@codito.com> writes:

> > Can anybody comment on this? Am I missing something or is this a bug in
> > ecos? Anybody going to have an official solution for this?
> >
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> > It seems to me that the function cyg_libc_stdio_flush_all_but(
> > Cyg_StdioStream *not_this_stream ) is not thread-safe.
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> I haven't gone through your earlier mail thoroughly, but I suspect
> not-thread-safe code possibillities there in that section.
> Few days back (before readdir thread-safeness issue was suspected and posted on
> list, 12 Dec 2003) we had encountered an issue that was showing up in
> cyg_libc_stdio_flush_all_but, but on later analysis it was tracked down to
> beginning from readdir call (and going into details of your post got pushed down
> the stack wrt other chorus).
> I guess Nick might be too busy these days, otherwise he would have responded to
> earlier such posts analytically. In between you can analyse your observation and
> track the root cause of problem that is manifesting itself in the observed
> place.

I have been busy, and still am, so I don't really have time to go
through the original post at present. Also, Jonathan is really the
right person to respond since he wrote the code. However, he is also
very busy. I hope he will find some time to respond, but don't hold
your breath :-)

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