[ECOS] Exception Handling

Ernie Biancarelli ernie@aztek-eng.com
Fri Dec 19 00:47:00 GMT 2003

I'm having difficulty debugging exception handlers for my PPC target. I 
have read the manual and tried to emulate the example for installing an 
exception handler for the CYGNUM_HAL_VECTOR_SYSTEM_CALL exception. This 
leads me to believe that I indeed have installed my own exception 
handler. However, I cannot debug the exception handling path. It seems I 
cannot set a breakpoint in the assembly code for 
cyg_hal_default_exception_vsr. And when I look for the implementation of 
cyg_hal_exception_handler in Insight, I can't find it defined in 
hal_misc.c. In fact, hal_misc.c doesn't look anything like the file that 
is in the hal/powerpc/arch directory. I'm confused.

Can someone shed some light on this topic for me and give me some tips 
as to where I can set breakpoints when debugging exceptions?

I'm using Redboot as a rom monitor and it has the GDB stubs built in. My 
target config is attached if that helps.

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