[ECOS] MPC860 - hal_arbitration_isr_cpm

nprasad3@gmu.edu nprasad3@gmu.edu
Thu Dec 18 14:19:00 GMT 2003

The problem was traced down to some faulty intr_attach which was causing hal_arbitration_isr_cpm to be called for non-cpm interrupt. Still have some issues with interrupts though.

1. I keep getting interrupt # 10 (control makes it to cyg_hal_default_isr). Nothing is attached to IRQ5# as that line is supposed to cause this interrupt. I'm trying to locate the cause of this spurious interrupt. Interrupt keeps coming at a rapid pace.Most likely a level-triggered one and source needs to be satisfied to bring the line down.
2. As a consequence, if I use the seperate stack to handle interrupts option, I get a machine check exception after about 10-15 times that it handles the interrupt. Using the common stack, things last longer.
3. The cyghal_default_interrupt_vsr and cyghal_default_exception_vsr handlers have enable_mmu (doesn't really change MMU bits as it uses CYG_MSR whose bits are conditional) but shouldn't this be in a conditional based on whether MMU is to be turned on? 


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From: nprasad3@gmu.edu
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 9:35 pm
Subject: [ECOS] MPC860 - hal_arbitration_isr_cpm

> Hi,
> I keep getting hal_arbitration_isr_cpm with civr of 0. According 
> to the documentation this is the Error vector where the interrupt 
> was cleared by the user before the core serviced and there are no 
> pending interrupts for the cpm.
> 1. Why am I seeing this behavior? Who is clearing the interrupt?
> 2. hal_arbitration_isr_cpm returns a 0 everytime civr = 0 instead 
> of cyg_isr_handled. Can this be a problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Nirmal
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