[ECOS] spurious interrupt 42 on i386

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Dec 18 14:12:00 GMT 2003

Chaitanya Huilgol <chaitanya@samsung.com> writes:

> Hi 
> I am having problem with spurious interrupt on i386 arch.
> I have an PIII(copermine) and  intel 82559 ethernet card
> I have built ecos with default configuration.
> The hal_arch_default_isr is called with vector = 42, 
> This happens only once at startup but the CYG_FAIL at
> this point is empty macro and the processing continues.
> In the build configuration if I include Hardware serail
> drivers for PC channel 1 ( for redirecting the standard 
> I/O to serail port B)and tty mode serial drivers for tty1
> then the CYG_FAIL macro tarnslates to CYG_ASSERT_DOCALL
> and the system asserts. 
> This does not occur if i remove the 82559 card for the
> PCI slot. But then again, sometimes it works perfectly fine
> even when the card is present in the slot. 
> I cant seem to figure out the problem , Help.

Vector 42 is IRQ10, which is probably what has been allocated by the
hardware or BIOS to your 82559 card. You could try a different PCI
slot and see what happens, you could also try a different 82559 card
or a different PC.

I also have a PIII Coppermine with an 82559 and have not seen any
problem with it myself. I suspect that the BIOS is doing unexpected
things, take a look at the BIOS settings for anything that might be
relevant. That's all I can suggest at present.

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