[ECOS] rattler PB

alix t talix1603@yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 17 15:24:00 GMT 2003


I'm using Rattler card with MPC8250.
I have build librairies with common ethernet package,
FreeBSD package and network package.
My application only calls function
init_all_network_interfaces() to start network.
When I ping the card with "ping -c 10000"
or "ping -c 10000 -s 1000" everything is
When I ping the card with "ping -c 10000 -s 13000" to send packet with more bytes, following
messages appears: 
"warning: eth_recv out of MBUFS" and after card has
strange behavior, ping often fail and BUS Error or
Illegal instuction appears.

Does anyone have already seen such behavior with

Alix t

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