[ECOS] More than 40 files open - eCos doesn't run properly?

Ernie Biancarelli ebiancarelli@comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 19:57:00 GMT 2003

I am using the A&M Rattler power pc 8250 based target. I'm working with 
the eCos source from ~September.

I have a configuration question regarding the POSIX File IO 
Compatibility Layer package. I want to configure and run eCos with 110 
file descriptors and 100 open files. Configuring the source and creating 
an eCos library is no problem.  I am able to build the two threads 
example as well, however, when I start the program via GDB, GDB hangs 
and I don't see any output from the target.

I have determined through trial and error that 40 is the magic number of 
open files that I can configure eCos with and still run the two threads 
example. Any more than that, and the GDB/target hangs.

Can someone else with a Rattler verify this for me? Can anyone offer 
help in getting past the 40 open file limit I see?

Ernie Biancarelli

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