[ECOS] No zlib crc32 support?

Steve Strublic SStrublic@hypercom.com
Mon Dec 15 17:56:00 GMT 2003

I'll leave the resolution up to the maintainers.


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On Fri, Dec 12, 2003 at 09:49:39AM -0700, Steve Strublic wrote:
> Andrew, that's why I chose zlib's crc32 algorithm.

So you have chosen the algorithm.  That algorithm happens to be
implemented by zlib as crc32 on unix like platforms. On eCos its
implemented by, according to you, cyg_ether_crc32_accumulate.

So we have no problems here.

> Andrew, you state... "The maintainers have no intention of changing
> these functions unless somebody can prove they are broken, which i
> think it very unlikely."

> I think I may have just proved that there's an issue.  I don't think
> it's proper to have to #define 'crc32' as'
> cyg_ether_crc32_accumulate'.  I'd prefer to hear the maintainers'
> position firsthand.

Why don't you think this is proper?

As far as im aware there is no standard covering this issue. The
proprietary library zlib is polluting the namespace by declaring this
function. This may cause problems in the future if POSIX do decide to
have a function called crc32() and decide to uses the POSIX crc

By using the names cyg_* i've deliberately avoided this namespace
pollution leaving the application and POSIX the ability to do what it


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