[ECOS] Not responding to TCP SYN

Lars Haugaard Kristensen larsk@cs.auc.dk
Thu Dec 11 23:24:00 GMT 2003


Thanks! This seems to be the problem. I'm not exactly a TCP shark :)

Is there any way I can avoid having these sockets hanging in the FIN_WAIT
state? As far as I can see, it requires that clients close their end of
the socket gracefully. There is no way that I can guarantee that they will
(I don't write the clients).  Otherwise, this seems to me like an
opportunity to perform DoS attacks.

Increasing the number of sockets doesn't seem like an option. I don't need
many concurrent connections. I just need to be able to handle a large
amount of connections within a short time.

I'm sorry if this is not eCos-specific.


On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Jay Foster wrote:

> Sounds like you probabaly have exhausted your supply of sockets (they're all
> in the FIN_WAIT state).  You can try increasing the number of sockets.
> Jay
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> Hi list!
> I've been working with eCos for a month or so, and I really like it so
> far. Unfortunately, I'm having problems with TCP connections. I use eCos
> from cvs (checkout from december 2nd). I have the same problem in both of
> the following setups:
> 1) Linux synthetic target, FreeBSD TCP/IP stack
> 2) I386 PC target, I82559 NIC, OpenBSD TCP/IP stack
> I run the server_test.c test (not modified) on the target machine. On the
> client (a linux 2.4 machine) I run the following:
> $ while true; do echo a | netcat target 7734; done
> It works fine. The server sends a message like "Hello",
> reads "a\n", and closes the connection. However, after some number of
> iterations the server stops responding. Then, after a while, it starts
> responding again.
> This has been tested in both setups. I have used tcpdump to try to figure
> out what goes wrong. I've attached a trace file. I used the synthetic
> target ( and a linux host ( when doing this trace. It
> seems that after 15 succesfull connections, the target does not respond to
> the 16th SYN packet. The client retries with an increasing delay, until it
> finally gets a SYN ACK reply.
> When running on i386 and using the OpenBSD stack I can connect 62 times
> before it stops responding. Otherwise, the behaviour is the same. I tried
> increasing the CYGPKG_NET_MEM_USAGE option with no effect.
> The target seems to still respond to icmp echo and arp requests while it
> refuses to answer TCP SYN.
> I have the same problem with my own applications. I have been unable to
> make this work smoothly in any configuration.
> Any suggestions to what is wrong? Could this be an eCos bug, or am I doing
> something stupid? :)
> Lars Kristensen

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