[ECOS] i386 Memory Size Problem, Bug 1000060

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Dec 11 15:30:00 GMT 2003

<kevin_lemay@agilent.com> writes:

> Nick,
> Everything works! I used 0x1d00 for the data since I found the
> virtual vector table at 0x1c00 in the .ld file.

Yep that should be OK.

> These changes fix two problems.
>   1. Find Extended memory > 64 Mb
>   2. If the BIOS uses some of the high addressed base memory. Do not make this available
>      for eCos by reporting a smaller memory size.
> Can you check the following files for me? (3 files, i386.ld, pcmb.inc, pcmb_misc.c)

That mostly looks fine. I would prefer to see i386_memory_Map be
called hal_i386_memory_map or even cyg_hal_i386_memory_map for
consistency. (And, yes, I know that idtStart doesn't obey the rules,
but we should at least make all new code conform, even if we've not
got round to fixing some of the old stuff yet :-).

The next thing to do is to put together a proper patch against the
current CVS repository. Take a look at the following page for all the
info you should need about submitting a patch.


These changes are large enough to need an assignment.

> Can I close out my own bug on the tracking system?

I'll close it when we have an assigned patch we can commit.

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