[ECOS] MPC860 Porting (ROM/Flash)

Viswanath Bandi bandiv@txc.stpn.soft.net
Thu Dec 11 11:32:00 GMT 2003

Hello All,

I have been trying to port eCos to a custom board based on MPC860. I 
copied the
target mbx in powerpc directory and made the necessary changes. In mbx, 
there is
an option called CYGHWR_HAL_POWERPC_MBX_BOOT_32BIT_FLASH to boot from 
32bit flash.
Our board uses Intel 28F320J5 chip arranged as 2M x 16bit memory. Any 
idea how
I need to reflect in the CDL file?

Also can somebody tell what is the difference between booting from ROM and
booting from FLASH.

Thanks in advance.
Viswanath Bandi

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