[ECOS] Default boot scripts in RedBoot

Savin Zlobec savin@elatec.si
Wed Dec 10 15:28:00 GMT 2003

Gary Thomas wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 07:47, Savin Zlobec wrote:
>>I am using RedBoot configured with default boot script and it doesn't
>>work just like I expect it to. It looks to me that default boot script 
>>only when CYGSEM_REDBOOT_FLASH_CONFIG is not set. I use
>>flash config support in my configuration and when boot script is not set,
>>than the default boot script is used, but the timeout remains 0 which 
>>aborts the script.
>>Also from the cdl option description one could expect that the default 
>>value of
>>boot_script_timeout would be CYGNUM_REDBOOT_BOOT_SCRIPT_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT,
>>but it is 0.
>>Is this a feature or a bug ?
>Perhaps the default timeout should always be set.  In any case, if
>you have 'fconfig' enabled, then the value stored in your config
>database should be what gets used.
>Try this patch and see if it behaves more like you'd like.
It looks fine, but the option I fancy is to set boot_script_timeout default
and to set script_timeout to boot_script_timeout value regardless of 
value - so the default boot script can be aborted by setting 
boot_script_timeout to 0.
Also to make this work boot_script_timeout option has to be always 
enabled if
default boot script is set.


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