[ECOS] building RedBoot for a PC with an NIC other than 82559 or 82544

Mike at VirginNet mister.chips@virgin.net
Mon Dec 8 13:24:00 GMT 2003


I have been trying to introduce the eCos 21443 ethernet driver into the PC
build of RedBoot.  I tried working on the config of the RedBoot package in
configtool, but there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for importing an
existing device driver into a platform.

I can imagine that there may well be some tailoring of the source code
necessary, given that the 21143 driver was presumably not developed for a pc
target.  But there doesn't seem to be a defined process for it.

Also I have picked up the NE2000 driver which was posted some time back, and
I've 'added' it to the i386 driver set, but there is no instruction on how
to add it to the pc platform. Presumably the same instructions will apply



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