[ECOS] Re: STL support under eCos, what does it take?

Giovanni Perbellini perbellini@sci.univr.it
Fri Dec 5 10:24:00 GMT 2003


I am trying to configure STLport-4.6 in order to use it in an eCos project.

1. in stl_user_config.h  there's a switch _STLP_NO_IOSTREAMS to enable for
no iostream support.
Is this what you used?
2. I could not find a switch for disabling the exceptions. Browsing through
code, however, I see
a _STLP_HAS_NO_EXCEPTIONS define. Did you just
to your compile flags to disable the exceptions support?
3. would you share your .mak file? I would like to see how you linked the
ecos library headers (and
GCC headers?) since I am not sure I am doing it in the right way.

Thanks in advance.

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Use STLPort,

configure it _not_ to use iostreams or exceptions. Works great for me.


On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 20:36, Barton Meeks wrote:
> Look back through this mailing list, it looked like
> support for C++ Standard Template Library may not have
> been too far off back in early 2002, before Red Hat
> lost interest (and personnel).
> How much effort would it take to provide support for
> STL for eCos? What needs to be done? It it work on
> eCos itself or the gnu tool chain?
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